Briana Francois, Career Center Media Manager, explores how careers often wander off their original paths.

Pilot - Welcome To Wandering Off

Released Sep 24, 2017: In college, it’s easy to think you need to have the perfect major to land your dream job, but the times of taking a linear college to career path isn’t really standard anymore. Briana Francois, a Vanderbilt senior helps navigate the sometimes scary, often confusing world of undergrad, from internships and careers to post-grad fellowships and graduate school and everything in between. If you have questions you want answered or a topic you’d like to hear about, send an email to, and they may be featured in a future episode. Remember, Life after College isn’t always what it seems. We’ll get through it together. Theme music by Silas Deane.

Episode 1 - "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff" with Mike Warren '10

Released Sep 23, 2017: Host Briana Francois chats with Vanderbilt alumni Mike Warren on his role as a Senior Writer for The Weekly Standard. He shares the highs and lows of his job as well as his own advice. Briana also uncovers the scary world of info sessions and answers a question about job offers. Theme music by Silas Deane.

Episode 2 - "Get In There As Soon As You Can" with Jillian Hughes '11

Released Sep 23, 2017: In this episode, Briana chats with Vanderbilt alumni Jillian Hughes. As a White House Producer, Jillian reports on the comings and goings of the White House. She shares some of the behind the scenes workings of reporting from the White House. Theme music by Silas Deane.

Episode 3 - "Life Is Always Gonna Be There" with Rich Hull '92

Released Oct 27, 2017: In this episode, Briana provides insight into the interview process. Later, she chats with Vanderbilt alumni Rich Hull on his experiences producing in Hollywood. Rich talks different projects and how he juggles his different passions. Theme Music by Silas Deane.

Episode 4 - "Understand What You're Getting Into" with Colleen Flynn '15

Released Nov 15, 2017: Briana speaks with Colleen Flynn about being the Marketing Activation Manager for the Nashville Predators.

Episode 8 - "Innovation Takes a Village" with Carl Haney '84

Released Feb 28, 2018: Briana talks with Carl Haney about his path from Chemical Engineering to becoming an Executive Vice President at Estee Lauder.

Episode 5 - "Whatever Detour It Takes" with Zhubin Parang '03

Released Dec 07, 2017: Host Briana speaks with Zhubin Parang as he recounts his path from law school to becoming a head writer on The Daily Show.

Episode 9 - "Coming Into Your Own" with Nicole Jules '06

Released March 20, 2018: Briana chats with Nicole Jules, the high school Dean of Students at University School of Nashville.

Episode 6 - The Networking Mindset with Ethan Fesperman

Released Dec 13, 2017: Networking can be one of the most daunting tasks in the job process, but in a competitive job market, it’s also one of the most useful skills to have. Briana talks with Vanderbilt Career Coach Ethan Fesperman on the ins and outs of Networking.

Episode 7 - "Always Be Talking To People" With Sheryl Woomer - Rogers '93

Released Feb 01, 2018: In the first episode of 2018, Briana chats with Sheryl Woomer-Rogers on life, careers, and keeping up with passions.