Studying Abroad

The Career Center wholeheartedly supports studying abroad for all students, regardless of major. The expanded learning opportunities and experiences you have will be appealing to a wide range of employers and provide strong evidence of your global awareness, a desired competency in the workplace. Study abroad can also greatly enhance your applications to graduate/professional study as well as prestigious fellowships and scholarships.

The decision to study abroad in the fall or spring should be made based on the program and opportunities available, not necessarily on your career-search plans. We recommend you meet with a Career Center coach to discuss your interests and how they might intersect with on-campus recruiting schedules. You will not be present for networking events, SLAMS and Career Fairs regardless of which semester you study off-campus, but career planning and development is a longer process than one semester, and you can lay important groundwork through networking prior to your study abroad experience. In general, the career fields with the most activity in the fall are finance and consulting; in the spring, recruiting is more prominent for fields such as arts/media/entertainment, nonprofit, healthcare, marketing, communications, etc.

No matter when or where you study abroad, the Career Center is set up to work with you on your career plans at any time. To that end we offer the following:

  1. Skype coaching sessions. Our coaches will Skype with you at a mutually convenient time to discuss any aspect of your future plans, whether job/career-related, graduate study, or fellowship-based.
  2. Skype interviews. Our employers may conduct Skype interviews with students who are abroad, again, at a mutually convenient time which may not be on the same day as when the employer is on-campus. Many companies also offer online information sessions and webinars about their opportunities.
  3. Email communications. Our coaches can also work with you via email to answer questions, review resumes and cover letters, etc. In addition, you will continue to receive all emails and newsletters from the Employer Relations team so that you remain informed of recruiting opportunities for your field(s) of interest.
  4. Career Center website resources. The Career Center maintains a number of internet-based services, from our DoreWays system which can be tailored to send you job and internship openings related to your area(s) of interest, to various subscriptions which offer a wealth of information on the industries most students are seeking.
  5. General internet resources. LinkedIn is an invaluable asset for the job seeker, and is an excellent way to network while abroad. The Career Center provides training and guidance for those interested in using LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media to advance their career options.
  6. Webinars and workshops: The Career Center collaborates with GEO to offer a variety of programs and services to help you prepare for your study abroad experience. Through our “Stay Connected” series, you can participate in pre– and post– study abroad workshops at Vanderbilt, and online webinars while abroad, including presentations by the Employer Relations team to keep you informed about recruiting opportunities.

Visit the GEO website to learn more!