Recruiting Information & Resources

Nondiscrimination policies and practices have become essential to employers as they compete to attract and retain qualified applicants. As you begin your internship or job search you may wonder how to determine if a particular company is committed to hiring a diverse workforce. Here are some things to consider when assessing a company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion:

Evaluating Employers:
Mission, Values and Goals
  • Are diversity and inclusion mentioned in the company’s mission statement, values and goals?
  • Does the company have a diversity statement on their website?
  • What are the company’s nondiscrimination policies?
  • Do you see diversity at all levels of the company, from entry-level positions to top leadership?
  • Does the company have a chief diversity officer or diversity manager?
  • Is diversity represented on the company’s board of directors?
Diversity Affinity Groups
  • Does the company offer special interests groups for employees? (Women’s Group, LGBT Group, Young Professional Group, Race/Ethnic Group
Recruitment/Hiring Strategies
  • Is the company hosting diversity events on campus during the recruitment season?
  • Does the company recruit at events hosted by diversity-affiliated organizations and associations (i.e. National Association of Black Accountants)
Other Considerations
  • Is the company affiliated with diversity internship programs such as INROADS, Sponsors for Educational Opportunity, Management Leadership for Tomorrow, or the T. Howard Foundation?
  • Do the company’s outreach efforts extend to serve diverse populations?
  • Does the company offer special accommodations for special needs? (e.g. prayer rooms, lactation rooms)
Questions to Consider

To determine a potential employer’s position on diversity and inclusion you should consider the following questions. Our career coaches can provide you with guidance on how to address these questions.

  • What is the company’s commitment to hiring a diverse workforce?
  • What type of a diversity programs or initiatives has the company launched or participated in recently?
  • Can representatives of the company describe their company’s success with the advancement of underrepresented minorities within the company?