Faculty & Staff

We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you! Members of our Career Center team are pleased to meet with you in your department to discuss our services and student needs.


Our Services
The Career Center offers many programs and services for undergraduate students in your department. Throughout their time at Vanderbilt, students are making vital decisions that make an impact on their future careers. We encourage students to connect with us early and often!
Our Career Coaches meet individually with students by appointment (and during daily walk-in hours) to discuss:
  • DoreWays and numerous other online resources 
  • Networking
  • Scholarship & Fellowship Advising
Did you know you can have a DoreWays account?
DoreWays is the Career Center’s online resource where students, faculty, and staff can learn about and connect to professional opportunities on and off campus.
Vanderbilt faculty and staff can register for an account here.
With a DoreWays account, you can view jobs & internships available to VU students, search employers, and view all upcoming events on the Career Center’s calendar (career fairs, workshops, information sessions, etc.). 
Academic Department Contacts & Event Partnership
Career Coaches are in alignment with majors. You can find your appropriate contact here. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate or sponsor a program with your department.

Our team hosts hundreds of events and programs for students throughout the year. Many of these connect with specific industries and majors and provide significant opportunities for departmental alliance. 

Wondering what has been done in previous years?

  • Weekly Office Hours in the MHS Dept.
  • Career Center Table representation at the Foreign Language Edge Event
  • Wandering Map presentation and activity in an HOD class
  • 20-minute Meet-ups for English, History, and Communication Studies majors
  • Resume Blitz at the Blair School of Music
  • Drop-ins in the Managerial Studies Dept.
Referring Students
Always feel free to contact our office at careercenter@vanderbilt.edu with a student referral. You can also reach out to the appropriate coach directly. When we receive outreach emails, we’ll then work with the student to decide next steps and schedule an appointment. Students can also schedule a coaching appointment through their DoreWays account by logging in and selecting ‘Schedule a Coaching Appt.’ from their shortcuts menu.
Take a look at Our Services to view all of the offerings we provide to Vanderbilt students.
Refer Potential Employers
Recruiters and alumni may reach out directly to you with job postings. We encourage you to forward these requests to our Employer Relations team for potential inclusion in our database, DoreWays. This allows us to establish and maintain relationships with organizations who wish to recruit Vandy students and alumni. You may also provide them with a link to the Employers section of our website where they can learn about posting opportunities, on-campus recruiting and events.
If you have any questions about posting opportunities for students, please contact us at recruiting@vanderbilt.edu.



Does the Career Center serve graduate students?
We do not currently serve this population. Graduate students should contact Ruth Schemmer.
Does the Career Center help students with scholarship and grant applications?
Yes, our staff is equipped to help students with the entire process.
For presentations & activities, can a coach come to my classroom, or somewhere besides the Career Center?
Absolutely! We welcome the opportunity to offer a program at a location that’s convenient for you and your students..
How long are your presentations & activities?
We are flexible and can offer presentations from 10-60 minutes. 
What if I want to find out if a specific company recruits Vanderbilt students?
You can look on DoreWays under ‘Employers,’ or you can contact our Employer Relations Team at recruiting@vanderbilt.edu.