When Do You Start?

Check out our Scholarships & Fellowships Guide. Applying for a prestigious external scholarship or fellowship is a time commitment, so getting an early start helps.

Many scholarships and fellowships require that students apply during their senior year. However, some award programs are directed towards first and second year students. Begin researching fellowships during your first year and take steps to become more competitive for the scholarships or fellowships, such as taking classes or participating in extracurricular activities that closely align with the desired scholarship or fellowship.

How Do You Start?

Visit our Fellowship page and peruse the various fellowships offered. Review requirements and deadlines. If you are thinking about pursuing a scholarship or fellowship, log into DoreWays and make an honors scholarship coaching appointment at the Career Center. If you have decided on a scholarship or fellowship you plan to pursue, indicate your intent to apply by emailing careercenter@vanderbilt.edu and attach your resume.

Please note that our site only features the fellowships that require Vanderbilt’s endorsement or nomination. There are many other fellowships available and we encourage you to explore other opportunities.

What is the General Process?

While the application process for each award varies, the general procedure is similar. Many national fellowships and scholarships require Vanderbilt University’s endorsement or nomination. Our Career Center focuses on those that require nomination and are featured on this website. Therefore, the applicant must work with the Career Center to properly submit their applications. Should travel be required for interviews, please note the Career Center has limited funding, and our funding is restricted to those that require Vanderbilt’s endorsement. Also, please note deadlines for the individual awards as we cannot be flexible.