Recruiting Information

Recruiting Calendar

Spring 2018

January 8: First day of classes for undergraduate schools 

January 15: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – classes do not meet 

March 3-11: Spring Break 

March 22: Health Care SLAM

January 29: Engineering Fair

April 23: Last day of class and recruiting 

April 24-May 3: Exams and reading days 

May 11: Commencement 

Fall 2018

August 27: Employer Programs and On-Campus Interviews Begin

September 3: Labor Day

September 5: All Campus Career Fair

September 9-11: Rosh Hashanah (no evening recruiting activities)

October 18-19: Fall break

November 17-25: Thanksgiving holiday 

December 6: Last day of class and recruiting

December 7-15: Exams and reading days

For more information on other University events and important dates, please review the University Calendars