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MLOA Forms


  • An MLOA provides you with the time to focus on your health and wellbeing and address the concerns that led to your decision to take a leave. It is expected that you will complete a course of treatment to address those concerns, and we recommend that you begin meeting with your providers immediately.
  • Treatment involves continuous engagement with a community medical and/or mental health provider until that provider determines the concerns that led to your leave have been adequately addressed and you could successfully return to the academic environment. While we do not make specific recommendations of length or frequency of treatment, regular engagement in treatment generally consists of more than a few sessions and must indicate progress towards treatment goals.
  • We recommend you share the MLOA Treatment Provider Report with any and all providers at the beginning of treatment so that they are aware of criteria necessary to return to Vanderbilt.
  • While on an MLOA, you will NOT be eligible for student services, including the University Counseling Center, the Student Health Center, and the Center for Student Wellbeing.
  • Students will have access to Academic LiveCare, a telehealth platform that will allow you to attend behavioral and physical health appointments on a smartphone, computer, or another mobile device, free of charge, for support during an MLOA. If you choose to use Academic LiveCare for ongoing therapy, it is important that you confirm with your provider before starting treatment that they are willing to complete the documentation required to return to school.
  • If you have questions that come up during your leave, reach out to the Student Care Coordination for support.
  • Should you wish to extend your MLOA, reach out to your Academic Dean’s Office to request an extension.

MLOA Treatment Provider Report

MLOA Release of Information Form

MLOA Student Success Plan

MLOA Leave of Absence SHIP Enrollment Form