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Got a new phone?

If you are new and never downloaded the digital card, please click here. Otherwise, please continue reading.

You had a phone, but now you are replacing it with a new phone. You must have DUO setup on your new phone. Click here to see the instructions from VUIT for setting up a new phone to replace your old phone with DUO mobile. Once setup, please continue reading.

Option A. If you obtained a new phone and wish to add the card back to your phone, remove the card from your old phone. Once removed, you may add it to the new phone.
iPhone Android
  1. Open your Apple Wallet
  2. Select the Commodore Card
  3. Tap the ··· in the top right corner
  4. Tap Remove this Card
  1. Open the GET app
  2. Tap the words Mobile ID Enabled
  3. Tap Uninstall
  4. Tap Confirm
Option B. If the old phone is no longer accessible, you may remove it using your iCloud or Google account.
Using your iPhone iCloud (using a Computer) Google Account
  1. Tap  Settings  on your Phone
  2. Tap on your name
  3. Scroll and look for your old phone. If it is still there, remove it.
  4. Once the device is removed, open GET and add your card
  1. Login to  from your computer
  2. Go to  Settings
  3. Look for the  My Devices  section
  4. In the list of devices, remove whichever is your old phone
  5. Once the device is removed, open GET and add your card
  1. Login to Google
  2. Click on  Manage your Google Account
  3. Click on  Security
  4. Click on  Manage Devices
  5. Click on More Details
  6. Click Sign Out