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Renovation and Small Construction Projects

Director: Keith Loiseau

ManagerMelissa Skopak
Phone : 615-875-3720
Email :

Renovation and Small Construction’s Construction Coordinators:

Mike McDonner
Phone: 615-875-3719

Stanley Thompson
Phone : 615-875-9217
Email :

Renovation and Small Construction (RSC) supports the University campus faculty, staff, and students in construction and renovation projects. They are responsible for planning, executing, and evaluating activities related to completing renovation projects. University standards and safety procedures are upheld in all aspects of the renovations. Once a request is made, RSC will design, bid, and manage the project in a safe, timely, and organized manner. They coordinate current and potential projects with all University stakeholders. RSC acts as a representative of the University to outside vendors/contractors to acquire adequate and competitive pricing. Design and planning attributes are completed internally, unless a licensed professional is required. They are also responsible for preparing quotes for University events that require the use of academic and administrative facilities, athletics facilities, and campus grounds. Examples of projects include: bathroom renovations, lab remodels, approved facility renewal projects, mechanical equipment upgrades, efficiency upgrades, and fire and life safety upgrades.

A request should be completed to secure an estimate. You may call RSC at 615-875-9217 for further information or questions.

Renovation and Small Construction Project

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