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The New Assignment Creation Experience in Brightspace

In June 2020, Brightspace updated the Assignment creation tool with a new interface. This interface is meant to be more streamlined and simple for assignment creation, while still leaving the option to use the old interface when necessary. We anticipate that the new interface will become increasingly more robust, and eventually the old interface may be phased out. We recommend that users switch to the new user experience and begin learning how to navigate the tool with the updated interface.


The New User Experience

The main difference between the new and old interfaces, is that the new interface has widgets on the right side. The old experience had tabbed options on the top. Here is a comparison of the two interfaces:

New interface:


Old interface:


If you are missing a tool in the new interface that you used to have in the old interface, you are able to toggle back and forth between the two without losing any content.


Switching to the old/new interface

If you want to switch back and forth between the new and old interface, you can do that. Click on the tab in the top-right corner. It will ask you why you are switching. Choose the answer you are most comfortable with. This is data collected by D2L as they work to improve the new experience.

Switching from New to Old:


Switching from Old to New: