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For Instructors

On-demand resources are available for students and faculty in downloadable PDF quick reference sheets and in step-by-step videos.

Course Management

» How can I make my course visible to students?

» How do I schedule my course’s availability?

» How can I add users (students, TAs) to my course?

» How do I locate my courses?

» How do I import course materials from another LMS?

» How do I email students?

» How do I build a course on Brightspace from scratch?

» How do I pin my courses?

» How do I create a homepage for my course?

» How do I create an image banner for my homepage?

» How can I upload a profile photo to my Brightspace account?


» What is the table of contents?

» How do I upload my syllabus?

» How do I move files around in my course?

» How do I insert stuff into my course?

» How do I create modules and add content items?

» How do I make content unavailable to students?


» How do I create an assignment?

» How do I add feedback and evaluations to assignment submissions?

» How do I associate an assignment with a grade item?


» How do I create and deploy a test / quiz?

» How do I export test / quiz grades to the grade book?

» How do I view specific quiz questions after the quiz is submitted?

Grades / Rubrics

» How do I use the Grades Setup Wizard?

» How do I grade work using Brightspace?

» How do I create grade categories and items?

» How do I set the grading system for a course?

» How do I release grades to students?

» How do I associate an assignment with a grade item?

» How do I exclude a grade category or item from the final grade calculation?

» How do I create a rubric?


» How do I assign groups in Brightspace?

» How do I let students self-enroll into groups?

» How do I create discussion forums?

Media on Brightspace

» Kaltura Workflow – Instructor

» Kaltura User Guide – Instructor

Library Resources on Brightspace


Academic Integrity on Brightspace


Video Resources from Brightspace

» Brightspace instructor tutorial videos

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