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How to Enroll in and Access the Communal Learning Materials Bank

To enroll in and access the Communal Learning Materials Bank, follow the steps below.

STEP 1: Once logged into Brightspace, click Self Registration in the Navbar.

STEP 2: Click the Self-Enroll: Communal Learning Materials Bank link.

STEP 3: Click Register.

STEP 4: Click Submit.

STEP 5: Click Finish.

STEP 6: Now that registration is complete, click Go to course offering Self-Enroll: Communal Learning Materials Bank.

STEP 7: Inside the course, click the LOR link in the Navbar.

STEP 8: Click the Communal Learning Materials Bank repository.

STEP 9: The bank can be searched using the search bar.  When the desired document is located, click on the document name.

STEP 10: To quickly access the document, click the link in the Filename area.

STEP 11: The document can then be viewed and downloaded if necessary.