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How do I get notifications sent to my phone?

Brightspace users can have notifications sent to their phone or personal email. Users can customize which actions in Brightspace will trigger a notification.

For a printable & shareable PDF click here.

Setting up Phone/Text Notifications

1) Log into Brightspace. Click your Name on the top right-hand corner, and select Notifications.











3) Click Register your mobile and fill in the requested information, click Save. A confirmation code will be texted to your phone. Enter the code in Brightspace then click Confirm. You can also enter a personal email account here, by clicking Change your Email Settings.


4) Scroll down to select your preferred method of notification (Email or SMS) for each listed action in a course.


5) Set any Custom Notifications and choose any courses to exclude from your notification settings.


6) Click Save when you are finished with your selections.