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Early 2022 Brightspace Updates

Posted by on Friday, March 18, 2022 in Releases.

Wintertime is not known for big changes to Brightspace, but there have been a few updates over the beginning of this semester that we wanted to update users on. 


Updated Brightspace Branding

D2L, the parent company of Brightspace, recently updated its logo and company branding. As a result, you may have noticed the new logo in a few areas including the favicon in your browser tabs, shortcuts, and bookmarks. 


Create new announcements quickly with the new Copy option

This feature adds a new Copy option in the context menu of an announcement in both the Announcements tool and the Announcements widget. The Copy option is applicable to both course level and global announcements. This only appears when you are in the course where the announcement was created. 

Figure: The new Copy option in the context menu.


Discussions – Scoring Rubric drop-down for evaluations

To make the Discussion evaluation consistent with the Assignments evaluation, this feature adds the Grading Rubric drop-down to the sidebar menu. This allows the instructor to choose a grading rubric when evaluating a discussion. 

Figure: The new Discussions evaluation with the Grading Rubric drop-down.


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