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What’s New on Brightspace? (October 2017)

Posted by on Friday, October 13, 2017 in Uncategorized.

Every month, Brightspace will release new features and updates. You can get a comprehensive view of the updates here, but this blog post will give you a quick overview of what’s new on Brightspace!

New default state of new Assignment Submission Folders

Administrators can to set the default state of new assignment submission folders created in the Assignments tool, to either Hidden (current default state) or Visible.


Content & HTML Editor – Google Drive and One Drive available

In Content, Google Drive and One Drive options can be added to the Existing Activities menu. The quicklinks picker in the HTML Editor can also include Google Drive and One Drive options. Private items that are shared to Brightspace Learning Environment from your Google or OneDrive account automatically have their permission updated to View Only so they can be accessed by other users.


Data Export Customization

This customization updates the existing Learner Usage / Progress, Instructor Usage, Content Progress, and Rubric Outcomes standard data exports to only include section enrollment information and not the group enrollment information.


Data Hub – Hourly data access for Brightspace Data Sets

Brightspace platform 10.7.4 introduced an add-on for the Data Hub tool that generates Brightspace Data Sets on an hourly basis. This feature is intended for administrators with high-frequency reporting needs.

The 10.7.6 release enables hourly data freshness for the following additional Brightspace Data Sets:

– Competency Activity Results

– Rubric Assessment Criteria

– Attendance Details

– Attendance Summary

– Announcements

– Checklist completions

– Chat Session Log


Grades – Launch the Bulk edit exemptions page from the gradebook

This feature adds the ability to launch the Bulk edit exemptions page for a learner from the Grade Item and Grade Category pages.

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