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YouTube Annotations

YouTube allows for annotations that are clickable text overlays on YouTube videos. These annotations can increase engagement with videos, give more information, and aid in navigating longer presentations.


  • Ask a specific question to enhance viewer engagement.
  • Create a table of contents for long-form videos.
  • Make areas of your video clickable and interactive.
  • Insert questions throughout a video to help promote understanding and to keep them engaged for the duration of the video.
  • Segment a long video into chapters so that students can jump to particular sections they want to review or skip content they are familiar with.


  • Free!
  • Unique feature calls spotlight annotations. “Spotlight annotations stand out because they allow creators to subtly create clickable areas within a video. The text only appears when a viewer hovers over it with the mouse; a light outline shows when the viewer’s not hovering. This is a great way to include unobtrusive but clickable annotations.



  • You will probably need to password protect your video and/or channel to avoid unwanted comments.
  • You will not have the same gradebook and education-related supports that HapYak and VoiceThread provide.


Here is the YouTube annotations guide pages.

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