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Screencasting: Tegrity

Tegrity is McGraw Hill’s lecture capture product. It can capture audio, video and computer screen activity, and then deliver it. Tegrity is a cloud-based application. Therefore, the recorder works on both the Mac and Windows platforms. It is able to record Instructor Video, screenshots and audio. The screen capture will record anything you show on your desktop

Use it to introduce yourself to the class.

You can include your background and experience with the subject and add personal touches like photos and your favorite music to connect with students.

Use it to introduce the class structure.

Using screencasting to explain online course navigation and instructions helps provide the instructor presence so important to student success in online environments.

Use it to present content or demonstrate skills to your students.

For example, screencasting can allow you to

  • record and present a speech, a story, an interview or a conversation.
  • screen capture a presentation along with narration.
  • screen capture a demonstration of a math problem being solved using a drawing program.
  • create tutorials and step-by-step video demonstrations on how to use laboratory equipment or specific software programs.
  • provide training on a range of topics.
  • offer explanations and clarifications of complex concepts.
  • record chunked lectures, or break up longer lectures into smaller segments.

Use it to provide feedback to your students.

Screencasting allows you to augment textual corrections with speech and drawings.


  • It is a cloud-based system that deploys quickly and is easily scalable.
  • Has many applications for students and does not require software to be downloaded. The student only needs to have access to the Internet.
  • students can bookmark content, collaborate with other students as well as instructors, as well as take notes for the lectures.
  • Allows users to speed up or slow down the lectures while keeping the tone of the presenter’s voice natural.
  • Enables users to resume their lectures from the last position that they stopped.
  • Tegrity trial accounts are fully-functional accounts that let you deploy Tegrity to a small or large pool of instructors in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the service. The company used to offer a version called Tegrity Lite but that seems to have been discontinued.
  • Read a full product review.


The product is geared toward larger-scale implementation, with pricing structured by number of recording hours or total number of full-time equivalent students. Cost is determined by contacting a sales representative. Annual subscription based on FTE by college, school, or dept. Also offers pricing by packs of hours. Here is a ball-park estimate:

$9995 per 250‐hour packs (for 250‐750 hours)

$7495 per 250‐hour packs for 1000+hours

$3000 one‐time set‐up fee

$5000 annually for support

1000 FTE = $34,995 annually selfhosted

1000 FTE = $42,995 hosted up to

3000 hours per year

Try it

Sign up for a free trial account and give Tegrity a test drive. Tegrity trial accounts are fully-functional accounts that let you deploy Tegrity to a small or large pool of instructors in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the service.

Sign Up For a Free Trial ›

Integrate with LMS

The trial account is AAIRS™- enabled, meaning it can integrate with Blackboard and authentication authority , fully automating the lecture capture workflow for the institution. For trial purposes, you can choose to expose the Tegrity link within Blackboard to as many or as few instructors as you wish.

Learn More about AAIRS™


Upon a successful trial, you can buy it with options for a purchase based on number of recording hours, or for unlimited use.

Pricing Plans ›


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