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Rebecca A. Chong

Young Alumni Leader
Denver, CO

Rebecca Chong was elected a Young Alumni Leader in April 2016 and served a three-year term on the Vanderbilt Alumni Association Board.  She joined the Vanderbilt Board of Trust on July 1, 2019 for a two-year term.


Growing up in Kingston, Jamaica, moving to Orlando, FL, and then finding herself in Nashville, TN on the Ingram Commons, Rebecca graduated from Vanderbilt in 2016 from the College of Arts and Science. She created her own interdisciplinary major titled Multicultural and Diversity Studies and minored in Human Organizational Development. 


While at Vanderbilt, Rebecca worked with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions as a Tour Guide Exec member, admissions assistant, and co-chair of the MOSAIC Multicultural Recruitment Weekend. She also was involved in Vanderbilt Student Government, the Multicultural Leadership Council, and Vanderbilt Greek Life. She studied abroad in Morocco, did undergraduate research, and graduated with a job opportunity at Google in San Francisco. At Google, she worked as a customer and product specialist, an intern manager, a diversity program manager and facilitator, and a vendor operations quality analyst.  She now lives in Denver and works on the Google People Operations team as a Diversity and Equity Program Lead.




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