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Our program

Our program features rigorous classroom training, real-world apprenticing, exceptional computational preparation, and one-on-one mentoring in the theory, methods, and applications of biostatistics in biomedical research. Some of the unique aspects of our program are:

  • The curriculum integrates Likelihood, Frequentist, and Bayesian philosophies of statistical inference throughout the entire program. Students receive in-depth training in each inferential paradigm that imparts an appreciation for their nuances and the skills to translate between paradigms in practical applications.
  • Reproducible research techniques are featured prominently, especially as it applies to computational methods and implementing analyses.
  • Students are exposed to biomedical research early in their academic career (the summer of their first year, at the latest).
  • The environment encourages interdisciplinary collaboration while maintaining a strong methodologic identity.
  • The curriculum actively promotes training in communication skills throughout its didactic and research components.

Regardless of the graduate’s career path in academics, industry, or government, these skills are critical to the successful biostatistician.