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Prospective Student Open House

In order to provide a high quality and closely mentored training experience, the faculty have opted to keep the number of students in each cohort to approximately 8 students per year. Accordingly the admission committee seeks applicants who are a good “fit” for our unique program. The open house provides an opportunity for both the applicant and the program to assess this “fit”.

  • The annual Prospective Student Open House will take place Thursday, February 6 and Friday, February 7, 2020; approximately 10 applicants are invited (attendance is by invitation only).
  • The two-day Open House features a presentation of faculty research, faculty interviews, tour of the Biostatistics department, campus tour with senior students, dinner with current students and luncheon with faculty.
  • An invitation to the Open House does not imply or guarantee an offer of admission.
  • Due to the limited space available to host the Open House, applicants sometimes receive admission offers in March without being invited to the Open House.

Invitations are typically extended between six and two weeks prior to the open house.

Vanderbilt University is committed to principals of equal opportunity and affirmative action.