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Degree Requirements & Course Schedule (PhD)

Requirements to become a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Biostatistics:

  • Complete 72 hours of curriculum and research credits. (Typically completed by the end of the third year.)
  • Complete a total of 18 courses.
  • Pass each of the ten core PhD courses with at least a B- in each course.
  • Complete at least eight courses (24 credit hours) of elective courses in statistical or biomedical subject matter.
  • Maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 (B) or better.
  • Pass the first- and second-year comprehensive examinations at the PhD level.
  • Complete the interdisciplinary research rotation.
  • Pass the doctoral qualifying oral examination (typically completed in the third year).
  • Submit and defend a doctoral dissertation detailing original research and methodological contributions that advance the knowledge of the discipline of biostatistics. Dissertation research must represent publishable quality research of a biostatistical nature.*
  • Present dissertation findings in a departmental seminar.

*The dissertation must be completed within four years after a student has been admitted to candidacy for the degree. Students are admitted to candidacy by the Graduate School after they have passed the Qualifying Examination, which in Biostatistics is their oral examination in the fall of their third year.

Year 1

Fall Spring
1st Year Comprehensive Exams (End of May)
Principles of Modern Biostatistics Modern Regression Analysis
Fundamentals of Probability Contemporary Statistical Inference
Introduction to Statistical Computing Clinical Trials (or equivalent elective)
Introduction to Study Design-

Year 2

Fall Spring
2nd Year Comprehensive Exams (End of May)
Advanced Regression Analysis I (L&GLM) Advanced Regression Analysis II (GLM &LDA)
Statistical Collaboration in Health Sciences - Part I Statistical Collaboration in Health Sciences - Part II
Applied Survival Analysis Regression Modeling Strategies (or equivalent elective)
Advanced Probability and RA Concepts Advanced Statistical Inference

Year 3

Fall Spring
Oral Qualifying Exam (Winter / Early Spring of 3rd year)
Advanced Statistical Computing (or equivalent elective)Foundations of Inference (offered every other year)
Bayesian MethodsDissertation Research
Dissertation Research-

Years 4 and beyond

Fall Spring
Dissertation Defense
Dissertation ResearchDissertation Research