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Degree Requirements & Course Schedule (MS)

Graduation requirements for a Masters of Science (MS) in Biostatistics are:

  • Complete at least eight courses (32 credits hours) of core coursework.
  • Pass each of the eight core MS courses with at least a C+ in each course.
  • Maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 (B) or better.
  • Complete at least four courses (12 credit hours) of elective courses in statistical or biomedical subject matter.
  • Pass the first-year comprehensive examination at the MS level.
  • Complete the interdisciplinary research rotations.
  • Submit a master’s thesis detailing an original investigation in an area of biostatistics. The investigation may be theoretical or applied in nature and must represent publishable work.
  • Present thesis findings in a Departmental seminar.

Year 1 (MS)

Fall Spring
1st Year Comprehensive Exams (End of May)
Principles of Modern Biostatistics Modern Regression Analysis
Fundamentals of Probability Contemporary Statistical Inference
Introduction to Statistical Computing Clinical Trials (or equivalent elective)
Introduction to Study Design-

Year 2 (MS)

Fall Spring
Thesis Research and Presentation
Advanced Regression Analysis I (L&GLM) Advanced Regression Analysis II (GLM &LDA)
Statistical Collaboration in Health Sciences - Part I Statistical Collaboration in Health Sciences - Part II
Applied Survival Analysis Regression Modeling Strategies (or equivalent elective)
Thesis ResearchThesis Research