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Sydney Smart

From the time I was a little girl, I dressed for success.  If memory serves, I was on my way to an early, early interview with Vanderbilt.


image4After a slight growth spurt, I was ready for Vandy.  Don’t sleep on the purple.  Seriously, another fun evening as I would gradually make Vanderbilt my home away from home

Yes, that’s me, Steve Harvey, Chris Rock and crew!


While I am at Vanderbilt?
In my time here, I plan to build on a legacy.  To build on a legacy, I believe that it is essential to build a culture that accurately reflects it’s people.  A culture that I feel confident in promoting.  A culture that does not necessarily stem from simple history, but one that has experienced hardships, mistakes, and success.  I believe that such a history has  the capacity to promote growth, strength, and pride in its people. For that very reason, through the BCCA program, I want to build a culture of student and faculty fellowship with a cultural twist. Even though the Black Cultural Center has made it a priority to address the needs of black-identity students on campus, I think promoting the multi-cultural diversity within the black community at Vanderbilt campus and at large will better support our future leaders.
image3After earning my bachelor’s degree in Human Organizational Development and Medicine, Health, and Society, I plan to pursue a master’s degree Public or Global Health, which will help me enter a job through a government agency that addresses Public Health.  Ultimately, I would like to run a non-profit business that addresses communities both locally and abroad.
When I leave this campus, I hope that my career here at Vanderbilt helps open doors and foster relationships for POC, especially Caribbean-Americans at Vanderbilt.  As they foster these relationships,  I would like them to reflect on the changes they have made personally and socially. Also, I hope they consider how these changes have fostered relationships with individuals who probably wouldn’t have touched other lives?  In these new friendships and communities, I hope they discover the pride I have experienced being a part of groups like the BCCA and the Caribbean Student Organization.