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Diaspora Leadership Team

To promote a greater sense of community within the totality of Black cultural identities on campus, in the fall of 2017, Dr. Noble began meeting bi-weekly with the presidents of the Black Student Association, the African Student Union, and the Caribbean Student Association.

The meetings were a huge success at promoting collaboration among the groups and enhancing the overall Black student experience.


The 2017-18 Presidents:

Karlin Compton – Black Student Association
Jason Antwi – African Student Union
Maya Ricketts – Caribbean Student Association

To ensure that progress was not lost, the outgoing presidents passed the torch of “Diaspora Unity” on to their replacements.


“Unity is Strength…Division is Weakness”

Swahili Proverb




The 2018-19 Presidents:

Andriana Johnson – Black Student Association
Elizabeth Fashakin – African Student Union
Corevel Cova – Caribbean Student Association