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The Arts & Campus Events Strategic Plan

Posted by on Monday, May 16, 2016 in home-feature, news.

Plan for  2018 – 2019
Success Plan

Fall & Semester Recap for 2017 – 2018

Plan for 2017 – 2018
Success Plan

 ACE Success Plan and Report 2016 – 2017
Final Success Plan

Greatest accomplishment for the 2016/17 year:
In the fall of 2016 we suspended the Vanderbilt Dance Program due to unforeseen circumstances. After reviewing our policies and making sure that we complied with all the laws set by the university we were able to revitalize and restart the program January 2017.  We also redistributed roles to staff and teachers, updated our class offerings and created a new website.

In May we will hire two new programming coordinators to advise the Vanderbilt Programming Board and the Vanderbilt Performing Arts Community.

Accomplishment that supports diversity, equity, and inclusion:
Diversity in leadership within the Vanderbilt Programming Board (VPB) is very important initiative for Arts & Campus Events. The VPB incoming leadership positions for academic year 2017 – 2018 saw a 33% increase.

For the first time in Rites of Spring history we are providing an area for persons with disabilities to watch the music festival.  The prior setup did not allow for patrons with disabilities to view our event.

The 2015 – 2016 academic year for the Arts & Campus Events Office was great.  We achieved a very high percentage of our goals for the year and our students excelled in many different areas.  Below are some of our accomplishments along with a video.

Final End of Year ACE Video from Dwayne Elliott on Vimeo.

  • There was a 31% decrease in incidents reported on the night of VPB sponsored programs.
  • There was a 62.5% decrease in incidents reported during Rites of Spring Weekend.
  • Rites of Spring broke the Single Day Tickets/Weekend Passes attendance record with 9,017 patrons. (previous record 8,948).
  • Rites of Spring broke the ticket gross record with $416,358 (previous $338,725.75).
  • Rites of Spring broke the Single Day Saturday Tickets sold record with 3,273 (previous 1,856).
  • Rites of Spring broke the Single Day Ticket Sales record for individual days with 3,273 (previous 1,856).
  • The alcohol policy that was implemented for the Rites of Spring Music Festival last year continued this year with an overwhelming success.  This new policy eliminated the BYOB 6-pack option.
  • The 2016 IMPACT Symposium included a bestselling Iranian-American author (Azar Nafisi); a Teach For America director who is also active in the Black Lives Matter movement (Brittany Packnett); an Academy Award-nominated/winner filmmaker (Spike Lee); former Speaker of the House relate his own struggle to achieve the American Dream (John Boehner).
  • New performance spaces opened this year to allow practice space for the Vanderbilt Performing Arts Community (VPAC) groups.
  • In order to ensure high quality performances and to limit the amount of performances during SPOTLIGHT, VPAC continued the audition process where groups had to submit an audition video to a review board.
  • There was an increase in minority student applications for our Vanderbilt Programming Board positions which lead to a huge increase in diversity with leadership positions within the Vanderbilt Programming Board Exec and committee membership.
  • The ACE Design team held a Poster exhibit/Info Session to showcase their work for the academic year.
  • The annual SPOTLIGHT performance held by the Vanderbilt Performing Arts Community sold out this year and implemented a second matinee show.
  • There were 23,552 participants that checked in though Anchor Link for Vanderbilt Programming Board events.
  • The newly created Lunch & Learn Series was an overwhelming success and 84% of the participants strongly agreed that they were satisfied with the program and would recommend it to their peers.
  • 98% of incoming transfer students understand the importance of being involved on campus and taking responsibility and initiative for my own growth and development.
  • General public sales for Rites of Spring had an increase of 98%.
  • 372 students applied for leadership positions for Vanderbilt Programing Board.
  • The ACE Design team received 661 design requests, (logos, fliers, t-shirt, poster, banners, table tents, newsletters) which saw a 43% increase from last year.
  • There was a 7% increase for spring enrollment for the Dance Program.