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Arts 1700/2700: Video Art – “Activating Space with Light and Sound”

John Warren teaches Video Art for the Department of Art and every semester his challenges this students to activate the four viewing spaces of Gallery 2 through collaborative group projects.  This collaborations culminate into fantastic an exhibition, Activating Space with Light and Sound.

Instructor: John Warren, Lecturer in Art
Location: Gallery 2, E. Bronson Ingram Studio Arts Center, Vanderbilt University
Course: ARTS 1700/2700 Video Art
Semester: Fall 2021

Group 1
Exhibition: The Elevator
Duration: 2′ 05″ (looped with audio)
Install setup: 1 digital projection, black painted walls with white projection rectangle
Artists: Allen Zeng, Ugonna Adugba, Daniel Zhang, Rachel Sarubbi


Group 2
Exhibition: etherealism
Duration: 3′ 13″ (looped with audio)
Install setup: 3 digital projections, synthetic cloud sculptures, standing water in washtub
Artists: Sam Goodyear-Brown, Katie Reilly, Teal Caudle


Group 3
Exhibition: BAGS
Duration: 1’30” (looped with audio)
Install setup: 1 projection, 1 tv monitor, 51 hanging paper bags
Artists: Chuhan Huang, Kiko Zhao, Sigrid Yu