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Sigrid Yu – For So Much Connects Us


Birds, spirits, souls, and consciousness. Birds, to the universe.
Birds, the phantom of existence,
the messenger from the unknown.
You see them, hear them,
for so much connects us.

For So Much Connects Us is a spiritual journey with symbols of birds created by Artificial Intelligence, abstracted 3D pieces, and bird’s singing to the frequency of the universe, to achieve a higher existence of divinity and consciousness. Unearthing from both material and digital dimensions, For So Much Connects Us rethinks the mystical essences of nature and technology.


As a multimedia artist, Sigrid Yu works mainly with sculpture, video, installation, photography, and jewelry, with questions around nature, mysticism, technology and humanity. Born and raised in Sichuan, China, Sigrid will pursue her MFA in Jewelry+Metalsmithing Program at Rhode Island School of Design after graduating from Vanderbilt University, with double major in Art and Medicine Health and Society (MHS). With interest in building bridges between art and community, Sigrid held her solo exhibition Yuke: A Journey & A Promise (2022) at Vanderbilt University to raise awareness of children with congenital hearing loss. In 2018, she performed in the sound artist Guillermo Galindo’s project, Sonic Re-Activation: Unearthing Public Square’s Forgotten Pasts which explored the history of the slave trade in Nashville, TN.