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Keep It Together! Senior Show 2022

The Vanderbilt University Department of Art present

The Margaret Stonewall Wooldridge Hamblet Thesis Exhibitions

Keep It Together!
Senior Show 2022

image credit: Josanda Addo, 2022. Digital illustration.


The virtual doors between the gallery spaces of Space 204 will slide open on Friday, April 15, to showcase the hard work of Vanderbilt University’s graduating studio art majors and their Margaret Stonewall Wooldridge Hamblet Senior Thesis exhibitions collectively under the title Keep It Together!

The 2022 Senior Shows will be on display to the public from Friday, April 15 until Friday, May 13, in Space 204, the contemporary exhibition space in the E. Bronson Ingram Studio Arts Center via a virtual tours of the show.

The exhibiting student artists are Josanda Addo, Liv Donofrio, Sierra Elise Driver, Olivia Forrester, Adeliza Grace, Cat LeMaster, Mariam Walid Fuad Ismael Nadi, Erica J. Jeshow Skidmore, Navya Thakkar, and Sigrid Yu.

Explore the individual student exhibitions below:

The Jurors

The 2022 Hamblet Jurors are Nicole Pietrantoni, Laleh Mehran, and Rodrigo Valenzuela.

read about the 2022 jurors by click on this image

About the Hamblet Award

Established in 1984, the Margaret Stonewall Wooldridge Hamblet Award has changed the lives of many of the recipients as well as helped to build the studio art program at Vanderbilt. The gift allows a graduating senior, who is serious about pursuing art, to travel and have time to create. In 1984, this was a surprising gift to a department without an art major although many students did thoughtful and interesting work over the years. Receiving the Hamblet Award gave most of the students the confidence and the time to build a body of work, to pursue graduate degrees, or to develop their own art studios.

In 2005, with new facilities, additional faculty and support from the administration, Vanderbilt began to offer a Bachelor of Arts degree in studio art. The Margaret Stonewall Wooldridge Hamblet Award became an important element in the development of our art major. The competition and the accompanying art exhibition have created a capstone experience for our seniors serving as a natural extension of a senior thesis. The gift also enriches the senior major experience throughout the entire senior year, with guest artist visits as well as an art-viewing trip to a city with a vibrant art community for all the majors.

A year and a half after graduation, the winner of the Hamblet competition returns to campus to mount a solo exhibition of the work he or she has completed during the award year. Happily, in 2002, the department was able to add a merit award as well. The Department of Art is grateful to the Hamblet family for providing such a remarkable opportunity for our students.