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The Space Between – Julia Nahley

Inspired by architectural modernism, Julia Nahley is interested in the relationship between bodies, space, and scale. Her creative practice explores realities of gentrification and urban density through her use of building construction materials. She will receive her Bachelor of Arts degrees in Studio Art and Economics, with a minor in Architecture and the Built Environment from Vanderbilt University in 2021.

The Space Between installation is constructed with metallic silver string stretched between white vinyl hooks placed at various locations along the walls and floors of the gallery space. The result is a set of string walls spaced and scaled to represent the space between “tall skinny” homes in the artist’s hometown of Nashville. The string sculptures extend from the side walls and create a point of overlap in the center of the space, and create a maze-like experience for the viewer, who must navigate through the walls of string. The scale of the sculptures addresses the looming nature of Nashville’s expansion and negative, including gentrification. However, the aesthetic of the installation coupled with the ethereal lighting creates a contrasting sense of sensuality.


Exhibition Work: