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Space 204 launched new virtual exhibition experience with “Deliberate Acts: Art & Incarceration”

Posted by on Wednesday, September 30, 2020 in News and Events.

The Vanderbilt Department of Art and Space 204 is proud to present a virtual experience and digit experience from artists Dan Paz, Lorenzo Triburgo, & Sherrill Roland. Deliberate Acts: Art & Incarceration is curated by Alejandro T. Acierto.

Deliberate acts: Art & Incarceration traces the peripheral technologies and behaviors built around cultures of incarceration through the work of contemporary artists Dan Paz, Lorenzo Triburgo, and Sherrill Roland. Highlighting the cultural impact of incarceration in the US, these artists address the hidden, concealed, and anonymized forces that enable the continuation of policing through systems of mass incarceration. As artists with close relationships with those involved with carceral systems, their work speaks to the broad power dynamics expressed through strategic behaviors and patterns of relation. Included in this exhibition is Triburgo’s photographic series and sound work Policing Gender where they engages in conversations of surveillance and incarceration as they relate to queer, trans, and non-binary identities. In Paz’s contribution, The sun never knew how great it was until it struck the side of a building, they present their ongoing research and workshops surrounding the staggering development of privately chartered youth detention facilities to publicly make available information that has otherwise been historically concealed. Looking specifically at an anonymous public, Roland’s work is built around the comment section following an article of his work published on Yahoo News, highlighting the nature of discourse that extends from the ongoing performance of the Jumpsuit Project. In his contribution to this online exhibition, he addresses the unknown public by allowing them to communicate with him with questions about the prison system through a web-interface, mimicking the ways those incarcerated are best able to access information from outside the prison walls.

Information on related programming can also be found in the exhibition website. Please email regarding the Dan Paz workshop series component.

The exhibition is free to experience at from September 24th to December 17, 2020. For any additional questions please contact the Vanderbilt University Department of Art at


Download exhibition flyer here.