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New Cadet Orientation

New Student Orientation is meant to bring all of the new prospective cadets and their families in to meet all of the cadre that will be teaching, coaching and mentoring the cadets over the years that they spend with us in the program. We will provide a tour around our headquarters building to show the great amenities that we provide cadet like a lounge for doing homework, watching television and group project collaboration; then the newly updated and renovated fitness room with an abundance of cardio equipment and free weights, and finally the classrooms and offices of the cadets and cadre so that parents know that they are always welcome to call or stop by if they have any questions or concern.

Then the new students will be given short classes on the following subject:

1.Customs and Courtesies

2.Drill and Ceremony


4.Cadet handbook

5.Army Physical Fitness Test demonstration

These short classes are intended to get the cadets moving in the right direction as far as how things will run while actively involved in the ROTC program. These classes will help ensure a common understanding amongst cadets as to what is expected from them by the program and from the U.S. Army. Next the cadet will conduct a “tour” of campus where they will need to visit different facilities across campus that provided resources and assistance to all cadets in the areas of research, writing, wellness and much more. This tour will also includes some challenges to be completed at every station. Then the new cadets/students will return to headquarters to hopefully meet up with any family members still in the area and enjoy a free lunch provided by the program.