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Harrison Ryder

Joining the Army is second chance for me. Ever since I was a child, I always had an immense admiration for the military and wanted to join for years. As I grew up, I learned to play the guitar and excelled at that skill. Music lead me to Nashville, TN after high school, and I enrolled at Belmont University to study Music Business as my undergraduate degree. I started working at a publishing company immediately after graduation, and had some success working in the music business for a few years. I was working for a good company, I had good benefits, and had a chance to be promoted within the company. It would have been easy to stay there for many years, however as I evaluated where I was and where I wanted to be, I knew I needed something more. I wanted to be a part of a team of like-minded individuals that stood for something greater than themselves. I didn’t want my work to have to go through a long chain of “middlemen” before I could see it making a difference in someone’s life. In the Army, this is simple. We stand in the gap for people. Every decision we make as future officers directly impacts the men and women around us, and we have the privilege of knowing that our work is part of a greater mission to protect the people of this nation.  

Joining Army ROTC has been so rewarding, and I walk away from every formation learning something new. The program challenges us to step up as leaders, to make decisions, to take responsibility for our actions, and to look out for our brothers and sisters to our right and to our left. We are a family, and I know that I can count on my fellow cadets. I look forward to another great and challenging semester as my class prepares for Advanced Camp this summer, and I look forward to commissioning as an Officer in the United States Army.