Nashville High School Student Interns


Terrance Loewl: Senior at Nashville Big Picture HS

Terrance Loewl has been interning with Dr. Tung since January of 2017. He aspired to be a Forensic Anthropologist and was thrilled to find an opportunity so closely related to his career goal. The projects he has worked on with Professor Tung and Natasha Vang have made it the internship of a lifetime. He has learned the importance of record keeping through data entry, collected articles for Dr. Tung, and helped out around the Osteology Lab and Stable Isotope Lab. He has gotten hands-on experience with each part of the isotope analysis process. In the fall semester of 2018, he was authorized to audit a university course–Human Osteology, taught by Professor Tung. In that course, he has been getting into the nitty gritty of skeletal and dental anatomy and bioarchaeological analysis and is thrilled beyond words. Recently, he planned an event titled “Filling In the Blanks: Combating LGBTQ+ Erasure Through Archaeology”, hosted in the Department of Anthropology at Vanderbilt. You can learn more about his project on his website. He will be graduating from Big Picture High School in May of 2019 and plans to pursue a degree in anthropology. He dreams of attending Warren Wilson College in North Carolina. While he is unsure what his focus will be, he can’t wait to see where the field takes him!