Photo Galleries

I’ve had numerous exciting and productive field and lab seasons in Peru during the summer months, projects that always included students from Vanderbilt, Peruvian universities, and several other schools. See the links below to view some of the images from those field seasons.

2004-05 Photo Gallery of Mummy Autopsy Filming, Discovery Channel

2005 Photo Gallery, Ayacucho, Peru

2006 Photo Gallery, Ayacucho & Arequipa, Peru

2007 Photo Gallery, Ayacucho Osteology Lab, Peru

2007 Photo Gallery of Malata, Colca Valley Excavations

2008 Photo Gallery, Ayacucho and Arequipa Osteology Labs

2009 Photos, Malata Bioarchaeology Project, Arequipa Osteology Lab

2009 Photos, Colca Valley

2009 Photos, Ayacucho Bioarchaeology Project, UNSCH Lab, Ayacucho

2010 Photos, Ayacucho Bioarchaeology Project, UNSCH Lab, Ayacucho

2012 Photos, Arequipa Bioarchaeology Project at the Universidad de San Agustin Museo

2013 Photos, Ayacucho Bioarchaeology Project, UNSCH and Huari Site Museum

2014 Photos, Grassmere Plantation (Nashville Zoo), Bioarchaeology of an Enslaved Community.

2015 Photos, Ayacucho Bioarchaeology Project, Ministry of Culture, Ayacucho, Peru

2016 Photos, Stable Isotope Lab research.

2017 Photos, Arequipa and Ayacucho, Peru