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Utilize Your Attendance Records

While your organization may be regularly tracking attendance at your events, it’s very likely that you are not taking full advantage of this feature. Check out 4 ways that attendance tracking can benefit your organization: 1. Secure AcFee Funds The Student Activity Fee Allocation Process (AcFee) now requires that organizations to use Anchor Link register…

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Add Events to Weekend@Vandy & University Calendar

Want to reach more students with your event advertising? Let Anchor Link streamline your PR and marketing efforts. Add your event to Weekend@Vandy Newsletter and the University Calendar. To add your event to the Weekend@Vandy Newsletter and the University Calendar: 1. Make sure your event is set to “Public.” Events designated “Campus Only” or “Organization…

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Post from Anchor Link to Facebook

Let Anchor Link help Streamline your PR and Marketing efforts! Post from Anchor Link to Facebook. When you see the Share button on your organization’s home, event or news page, click it to post on social media sites!   Follow these steps to post on Facebook: 1. Select the Facebook icon. 3. In the pop-up window,…

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Integrating Google Calendar with Anchor Link

Does your organization have a Google Calendar you utilize to keep track of meetings and events? Rather than inputting information twice into Anchor Link and your group’s calendar, simply create your meeting or Event in Anchor Link and then follow the steps above to add it to your organization’s Google Calendar. This will also update…

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