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Vote with Anchor Link

Make your election process easier by using Anchor Link! Each year, student organizations elect new leaders to carry on their mission and the work of their organization.While officer turnover can be a complicated process, Anchor Link can make your election process easy. Anchor Link elections offer: 1. Simple Setup Follow the instructions in this Step-by-Step Guide…

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Create an Election for Your Organization

While the tab may be called Elections, this function of Anchor Link can be utilized in a variety of ways including polls and surveys. Some examples of how the Elections feature can be used include holding officer elections, voting on a t-shirt design, selecting catering for a program, or getting feedback on what type of…

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Create Ballots for Your Election

You can create as many ballots as needed and each ballot can have only one or a series of questions. Each ballot can be accessible to the any Anchor Link user, only members of your organization’s roster, or only a specific population of users called an eligibility list (ex. members of an organization’s Executive Board,…

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