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Utilize Your Attendance Records

While your organization may be regularly tracking attendance at your events, it’s very likely that you are not taking full advantage of this feature. Check out 4 ways that attendance tracking can benefit your organization: 1. Secure AcFee Funds The Student Activity Fee Allocation Process (AcFee) now requires that organizations to use Anchor Link register…

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Track Attendance

Follow this guide to automatically capture the names and emails of your event attendees. When you track attendance at an event through Anchor Link, you will automatically capture not only the total number of attendees but also the names, e-mails, and timestamps for each person you track. Steps for Tracking Attendance: Register your event in…

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Download from Anchor Link

Have you ever tried to export an attendance report? The Downloads page is where you can access the reports you’ve requested in the system. Whenever you select to export information from the system, you’ll receive a notification from Anchor Link. For example, when downloading an attendance report for your organization, you will see this notification…

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