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Keep track of scholarships & Awards, Internships & Employments, and Study Abroad Experiences through Anchor Link!

Anchor Link can help you organize your undergraduate experiences and keep you on track in resume building. Use the Experiences section to capture the parts of your co-curricular involvement that occur outside of your student organizations such as honors and awards, internships and employment, or a study abroad experience. Self-reported experiences are reflected on a student’s Co-Curricular Resume.

1. Under My Involvement, select “Experiences”

2. You’ll see a button + Add Experience, select this and choose one of the options:
Honors and Awards:
Add the date of your award, the name of the organization giving it, and other reflections on your efforts.

Internships and Employments
Include your job responsibilities, supervisors contact information, and a reflection on your work.

Study Abroad Experiences
Name your experience and give a description so you’ll always remember those favorite memories!

3. Edit the experience by clicking the pen and paper icon on the right side.