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Co-Curricular Resume

Keep track of your Vanderbilt experiences in your Co-Curricular Resume!

The Co-Curricular Resume is a tool for students to capture their engagement outside the classroom and be customized to a user’s needs.
** Note: This is not an official University transcript.

It automatically captures certain involvement data (ex. Organization memberships, leadership positions, attendance at major programs, etc.) and also reflects any self-reported information you provide in the system (ex. service hours, reflections, experiences, etc.)

Click the “Create PDF” button to save or print your resume on your computer.

To customize your resume:
1. Change the layout of the general sections of the resume.

  • Click the “Change Layout” button to change the order in which the different section of your resume are displayed or choose to hide a particular type of involvement

2. Change the order in which organization memberships or pieces of involvement are displayed

  • Click the header (ex. Co-Curricular Involvement) then click “Sort”
  • You can then rearrange your involvements by using the green arrows to drag items up or down

3. Hide or Re-Add Involvement Items

  • You can choose to display an entire involvement, such as an organization membership, or just a certain position by clicking on the involvement and then clicking on the “Hide” button to the right
  • To add back a piece of involvement, click the section heading (Ex. Co-Curricular Involvement) then click the “Add” button and select the involvement you would like to add back

4. To add descriptions or reflections for your officer positions or organization memberships, visit the Memberships section under My Involvement.