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The “Involvement” section of Anchor Link provides a customized experience for each user and helps students manage their co-curricular university experience. To access the features below, sign into Anchor Link, click your name in the top right corner of the screen, and select “Involvement.”

  • Memberships- Access the organizations you are a part of within Anchor Link
  • Events- View your Event Calendar with upcoming and past events based including your organizations’ events and events you have been invited to or RSVP’d to
  • ExperiencesCapture the parts of your co-curricular involvement that occur outside of your student organizations such as honors and awards, internships and employment, or a study abroad experience. Self-reported experiences are reflected on a student’s Co-Curricular Resume.
  • Interests: Update your Interests to get customized recommendations for organizations and events
  • Service Hours: Use this section to keep track of all the service hours you complete. Service hours should be assigned to the organization or program they were completed with. If you would like to log hours done independently, simply join the Office of Active Citizenship and Service group on Anchor Link and you can attribute your hours there.
  • Submissions: Access anything you have created or that you are in the process of completing in Anchor Link including forms, elections, organization registrations, and events
  • My Co-Curricular Programs: Connect to your Co-Curricular Programs dashboard to view the completion criteria and your progress for any programs you are enrolled in
  • Downloads– Access any downloaded files such as event attendance reports for student organization officers
  • Co-Curricular Resume: Customize and download a PDF resume that includes your co-curricular involvement as tracked through Anchor LInk. Resumes automatically include organization memberships, officer positions, self-reported experiences (ex. awards or internships), or service hours logged. Any piece of the Co-Curricular Resume can be hidden or moved based upon your preferences and needs.

Click here for more details about these features: My Involvement Overview

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