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Navigating Your Home Page

Whether you are seeking to get involved in student organizations or discover what events are happening around campus, Anchor Link is your key to connecting with student life.

The public Anchor Link site is accessible to anyone but every student, faculty, and staff member may log in with their VUnet ID and password for the campus user view as well as customized content for each individual user based on their involvement and interests.

When you first visit, you’ll see the public version of the webpage. On the main page, you’ll see any upcoming events designated as “Public.” Select Organizations in the navigation bar at the top to view the Organizations Directory. Select Events to view a more detailed list of public events.

Log in to Anchor Link to view your customized homepage. Check out these tools to get involved on campus!

Black Toolbar

Events Tab
Clicking “Events” in the black toolbar will allow the user to access the complete listing of
“Public” events to anyone and “Campus Only” events to users who are logged in.  Search for
events by date, name, or category.

Organizations Tab
Clicking “Organizations” in the black toolbar will allow the user to access the complete listing of organizations in the system. Search for organizations alphabetically, by name, or by category. Clicking on any organization’s name will provide basic profile information for that organization as well as any content they have chosen to display publicly or to campus users.

Clicking “Curriculums” in the black toolbar will allow the user to view their progress in any co-curricular programs such as My Vanderbilt Experience or the Greek Member Experience. Students can click this link to view a listing of upcoming events in specific co-curricular programs.

Campus Links
Clicking this tab in the black toolbar will connect the user to the Anchor Link Resources Website, Dean of Students Website, and additional campus resources.

By clicking the magnifying glass in the black toolbar, users can search the entire Anchor Link site for anything from a specific organization to a particular form.

Your Name

When you click on your name in the top right corner, you’ll have a list of options to choose from.

This page is where you go to manage your involvement within Anchor Link. From this section you can access and edit your organization memberships, view your personal events calendar, log self-reported experiences (ex. internships, study abroad, awards), edit your interests, track your service hours, access forms/events/elections/organization registrations you have started, view your Co-Curricular Program progress, access downloaded files, and view/edit your Co-Curricular Resume.

This is your message inbox within Anchor Link. Depending on your notification settings, you may receive messages to both your e-mail address and your Anchor Link inbox.

Here you can edit your personal information, your profile picture, your notifications, and your privacy settings for the Anchor Link site.

Home Page

Just below the navigation bar, users will see helpful links and announcements from Anchor Link. Users should pay close attention to these announcements, as important information regarding student organizations and alerts about approaching deadlines will be posted here.  This is also the easiest way to reach the Card Reader Check Out Form to reserve a free card reader for attendance tracking. *Note: You must log in to access this form

My Organizations
Under Campus Announcements, you’ll see links to the Anchor Link pages of organizations where you hold a membership. By clicking the “Discover A New Organization” button, you’ll be taken to the Organization Directory. Anchor Link has the ability to match the user’s interests with organizations and events. Within the Organization Directory, you can view organizations recommended just for you!

Co-Curricular Programs
Below your organizations, you’ll see your current progress in any co-curricular programs such as My Vanderbilt Experience or the Greek Member Experience. You can access more information about upcoming events in these programs and your progress by clicking the “Curriculums” button in the navigation bar at the top.

Check out the flyers for upcoming events under the “Jump in with these Opportunities” heading. The board shows upcoming events that may be of interest to you happening on campus. When you scroll over an event, a small box will appear letting you know the date, time, and location of that event. Click a flyer for more details.

Check out the latest news in the bar below the campus events. News posts from your organizations will appear here.