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Events Calendar

Anchor Link allows you to discover programs and events occurring across campus.  The public view of the Anchor Link Events Calendar is accessible to anyone from any internet browser and will display any events that an organization or office has specifically designated as “Public”.  After a user signs in with their VUnet ID or password they can see the campus view of the Events Calendar which includes all events that have been designated as “Campus” or “Public”.

Make sure to always log in when browsing the Events Calendar to ensure that you are seeing a full listing of campus event.

The Events Calendar can be browsed in multiple ways:

  • Event List: (default) View a chronological list of all upcoming events
  • Calendar: Click the “Calendar” button on the left-hand side of the page to view upcoming events on a calendar. Click on a date on the calendar to see events occurring on a specific date or week.
  • Categories: Browse events by type by selecting from the Categories listing (ex. Concert, Cultural/Diversity, Film/Movie, Alcohol Free Late Night Programming, etc.)
  • Recommendations: Using Interests feature in your user profile you can receive a list of recommended events based on organizations that match your designated interests.


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