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Site Overview

Anchor Link has both a public version of the site as well as a customized view with additional content for campus users who are logged in using their VUnet ID.

The public Anchor Link site is accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Organizations in Anchor Link can choose whether the events and content they create is “Public”, “Campus Only” (users must be logged in with their VUnet ID), or “Organization Only” (only visible to members on their roster).
*All content that users must be logged in to view is noted with an asterisk

Key Features:

Customized User Profile
Anchor Link allows you to create a customized user profile and recommends organizations and events based on the interests you identify in that profile. 

Organization Directory
Browse a list of student organizations, Commons Houses, upperclassman residential halls, and a variety of other University departments, programs, and resources

Events Calendar
Discover programs and events occurring across campus.

Co-Curricular Programs
This gives you an overview of your progress in any Co-Curricular Programs you are enrolled in through Anchor Link. All users have the ability to participate in the My Vanderbilt Experience program that provides rewards for students who attend various programs on campus.

Your Involvement
The “Involvement” section of Anchor Link provides a customized experience for each user and helps students manage their co-curricular university experience.

News Feed
The news feed displays all news articles posted by organizations. The news feed always displays “Public” articles and will also display “Campus Only” articles when a user is logged in.

Organization Registration
Anchor Link provides a streamlined system for re-registering existing student organizations and registering new student organizations.