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Polls/ Surveys/ Elections

While the tab may be called Elections, this function of Anchor Link can be utilized in a variety of ways including polls and surveys. Some examples of how the Elections feature can be used include holding officer elections, voting on a t- shirt design, selecting catering for a program, or getting feedback on what type of event your organization should hold.

Voting in Anchor Link elections is confidential and users are only able to vote once in any election. You have the ability to determine who can vote in your election: any Anchor Link user, only members of your organization, or only a specific population of users called an eligibility list.

Creating an Election for your Organization

  1. From the pop-out menu, select the Elections tab.
  2. Click Create Election at the top right of the page.
  3. Identify the name of the election.
  4. Check if you would like instructions displayed to voters and complete the additional instructions box with any relevant information. We always recommend that instructions be included on elections.
  5. Indicate if the election should be Active. (meaning turned on during the selected dates) and select the date range for voting.**You can always turn the election to Inactive or change the voting timeframe once the election has been created**
  6. Indicate if you would like an alert displayed on your organization’s home page when voting is open to prompt users to vote.
  7. Indicate if the election is for organization members only (people listed on your Anchor Link Roster). You can elect not to limit the election and have it open to any Anchor Link user.
  8. Click Save.

Creating Ballots for your Election

You can create as many ballots as needed, and each ballot can have only one question or a series of questions. Each ballot can be accessible to any Anchor Link user, only members of your organization’s roster, or only a specific population of users called an eligibility list (ex. members of an organization’s Executive Board, first year members of an organization, etc.). A user will see only the ballots they are designated to see.

Only Anchor Link site administrators have the ability to create eligibility lists. If you have specific voting needs for your organization and would like help creating eligibility lists for an election, please contact the Office of Student Organizations and Governance.

  1. Once you have created an Election, make sure you are in the Ballots tab and click Create Ballot.
  2. Enter the name of the ballot.
  3. If you have not worked with an administrator to create an Eligibility list, your election will default to Enable General Access. **General Access either means anyone on Anchor Link OR anyone on your membership roster, depending on what you selected when you created the election**
  1. Click Save when all access has been identified.
  2. Click the format on the left side of the page of the question you’d like to add to the ballot:
    • Check Box List: Multiple choice question that allows users to choose more than one option.
    • Radio Button List: Multiple choice question that only allows users to select one option.
    • Instructions: This is your method of providing additional instructions or information to the user. Instructions do not require any action on the part of the user.
    • Ranking: Provide the user multiple answer choices for them to rank. You can also determine the maximum number of items they need to rank.
    • File Upload: Allow the user to upload a file from their computer. Files must be under 4 MB and the uploader accepts most file types. If you prefer a specific file type, make sure to indicate this within the instructions of the question.
  3. Type in text for the question and answer set, if applicable. Click OK. **Text fields can be associated with an answer, e.g., Other (please specify), if needed.**

Editing Ballot Questions

  1. From the Ballot page, edits can be made to each question after they have been created.
  2. There are several options once you click on a question to make edits.
    • Click the arrows to move the question to a different position in the question order.
    • Change the page number and sequence number to move the question from one page to the next or

      after a certain question.

    • Click the trash symbol to delete the question entirely.
    • Click blue edit symbol to make edits to the question text or answer options.
  3. Once in the Edit box for a particular question, you are able to make any adjustments to the question as a whole.
    • Designate the minimum and maximum number of answer selections on the Properties tab.
    • Include a “Tooltip” for an answer choice on the Answers tab. The Tooltip text will display when the user hovers over the answer choice.
    • Include “Additional Text” to be associated with an answer choice on the Answers tab. The specific text will display in a pop-up window after the user click on an “i” icon.
    • Include a “Text Area” for an answer choice on the Answers tab.
    • Add additional answer choices on the Answers tab.
    • Reformat the size of the text box, either at the bottom of the Properties tab or on the Answers tab by adjusting the number of rows to the desired size.
  4. Click OK when all edits have been made.

Adding Photos to Ballot Answers

There is not an image upload button within the Answers section of the question builder. There are two ways that you can insert an image into your Answer Text or the Additional Text fields of a question.

Insert an image found online:

  • Click the formatting button with the small tree icon to Insert/Edit an Image found online. This needs to be an isolated jpeg (for example, found using a Google image search).
  • You can then edit the dimensions and alignment of the image in this section

Insert your own photos:

If you have a series of photos (ex. Candidates) that you would like to include on the ballot, the easiest thing to do is:

  1. Upload the photos to a photo album in the Photo Gallery section of your Anchor Link page.
  2. In a separate browser tab from your Election, open the photo album and right click on a photo and select Copy Image.
  3. Click back to your Ballot. Open the question and select the answer that corresponds to the image.
  4. Paste the image in to the Answer Text section or Include Additional Text section depending on where you would like the image to appear.
  5. Repeat for each answer

Adding Pages and Conditions to your Ballot

Depending on the needs of your election/poll, you have the ability to create forms with multiple pages. You can have all users answer all questions on the ballot or you can set conditions to select which pages a user needs to complete based upon their responses to questions within the ballot.

Example: If on Page 1 a user answers Yes to a question, they could be directed to Page 2 but if they answer No, they could be directed to a different page or not directed to any further pages.

To create multiple pages:

  1. Create the first page of your form
  2. Click the Page List button in the top left corner
  3. Click the Page button under Add New on the left side bar

To add conditions:

  1. Open up the page of the ballot you would like to apply conditions to by accessing the Page List or scrolling through the pages at the top of the Ballot Page. Page 1 cannot have conditions applied to it.
  2. Click the Page Properties button in the top right corner
  3. Click the Conditions Tab
  4. Click Add Condition
  5. Select the question, select the desired answer, and then click “is selected” or “is not selected” depending on what is appropriate for how you would like the form to function.
  6. You can add multiple conditions also group questions/answers with AND/OR criteria if multiple conditions can or must be true to move to a specific page.

To group conditions:

  1. From the Conditions tab in the Page Properties, check the box to the left of each condition that should be grouped together.
  2. Click Group Selected.
  3. Indicate if the group should be True or False.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for each needed grouping.
  5. Click OK when all conditions have been grouped.

Add as many ballots to the election as you need by following the steps outlined above. Once you are done creating ballots, you have now finished building your election. Be sure that it is set to Active so that the prompt will display on the organization’s home page for members to vote.

Publishing Options

Under the Publishing Options tab, you can edit your Election Status from Active/Inactive, change whether you would like a voting alert displayed, and access the URL to send to eligible voters.

Viewing Ballot Results

  1. From the organization’s management page, select the Elections tab from the pop-out menu.
  2. Click the name of the election
  3. Go to the Results tab
  4. Click on the name of the Ballot to see an overview of the current results
  5. Click the Export button to download an Excel file of all the ballot entries

Voting is anonymous. You will only see a record of the votes cast, not who cast them.