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Managing Event Invitations

Event Invitations

To send invitations to your Anchor Link event, open the Event page and click the Invitations & RSVPS button. (Remember: you must have administrative access to use this function).

Step 1: Navigate to the management side of your organization’s Anchor Link Page.

Step 2: Open the Events page,

Step 3: Navigate to the event management menu by clicking the event,

Step 4: Open the Invitations & RSVPS page

Anchor Link allows you to send invitations to users in two ways:

  • Invite Users: You can invite anyone who is a member of
    any organization you are a part of within Anchor Link.

    • Users must be selected individually, but you can
      sort by Organization and Position.
  • Invite by E-mail: You can invite using a list of e-mail

    • Since attendance tracking creates a list of emails of all attendees, this is a good way to invite people who have previously attended your events.

Managing RSVPs

If you have the RSVP feature turned on for your event, the response of any user who RSVPs can be found by opening the Event Page and clicking the Manage Invitations button.

  • You can click Response in the RSVP toolbar to sort the users by their Response (Yes/Maybe/No/Not
  • You can also click Export to download an excel spreadsheet of all users who have RSVP’d or been invited to the event to access a list of names and e-mails. This download will also include any comments made by those
    that have RSVP’ed (like dietary restrictions).