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Reserve a Card Reader

ANCHOR LINK allows the ability for event attendance to be tracked using card readers that connect to the USB port of a laptop or desktop computer that is connected to the internet. After your event you can easily export an attendance report including the names, e-mails, and timestamps of all attendees.

Click here to check out a card reader for attendance tracking.

Card readers are available for check out by student organizations and University departments at the front desk of Sarratt 310, the office location for the Dean of Students.  Readers are reserved on a first come, first serve basis AND CAN BE RESERVED within 30 DAYS OF THE EVENT. It is recommended you request your card readers at least 1 week prior to your event. If you would like to check out the card reader for multiple days/events or for a recurring event, you must complete a new form submission for each day that you would like to request the reader.

Card readers can be picked up on the day of the event and must returned by 11:00 AM the day following the event.  For events that occur on the weekend, readers should be returned by 11:00 AM Monday morning.

Failure to return your card reader on time may result in your organization losing the privilege to check out card readers for future events or being charged $50 to replace the card reader.

If your organization uses a card reader frequently, you might want to consider purchasing your own.

Click here to purchase a card reader for attendance tracking.

The offices below have dedicated card readers for their programs and the student organizations they advise. Organizations and programs affiliated with the offices listed below should first make requests to their respective offices. If a card reader is not available through the affiliated office, you may then complete this form and request readers to check out from Sarratt 310.

Offices with Dedicated Card Readers:

Active Citizenship & Service (OACS)

Arts & Campus Events

  • Card readers are available for Vanderbilt Programming Board or Vanderbilt Performing Arts Council organizations.
  • Contact: Linda Marks,, 615-323-4420
  • Office Location: Sarratt Student Center, 357

Bishop Joseph Johnson Black Cultural Center

Greek Life

International Student Scholar Services

  • To reserve a card reader complete the online form ( or request it by email at
  • Contact: TBD, 322-2753
  • Office Location: Student Life Center 103


  • Contact: TBD, 615-875-0660
  • Office Location: KC Potter Center, 312 West Side Row, Euclid House

Margaret Cunningim Women’s Center

  • Contact: TBD615-322-4843
  • Office Location: 316 West Side Row, Franklin House

Residential Education

  • Contact the Area Coordinator for your housing area to check out a card reader for ResEd Programs
  • Additional card readers can be checked out from the main Residential Education office in Branscomb
  • Contact: Evan Vaughn,

The Martha Rivers Ingram Commons

  • Every Commons House has a dedicated card reader for attendance. Contact the Head Resident or Area Coordinator to check the reader out.
  • Additional readers can be checked out at the Dean of the Commons Office
  • Contact: Christina Bailey,, 615-343-9628