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New Site Image Dimensions (Cover Photos, Events, Etc.)

The new interface of Anchor Link features photos in different dimensions than the previous site. All images from the old site have been carried over. However, these images may be distorted and may need to be updated or reformatted. To update your user profile picture, click on your name in the top toolbar then select “Settings”…

Posted by on August 10, 2015 in Departments & Staff, Student Organizations, Students

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Anchor Link Site Upgrades

We are excited to announce that a new version of the Anchor Link system has officially launched. The new web and mobile interface represents a more user friendly version of the previous site with substantially more modern look and feel. The main features of Anchor Link have all remained but locations of certain functionality are now…

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Check your Anchor Link Inbox!

Did you know you have an Anchor Link Inbox? Hit Messages under your name in Anchor Link. The number in the red box signifies unread messages. *Note: You can change your notifications settings at any time to receive messages via email. Click the row to view a message. You can delete, reply or save messages…

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Co-Curricular Resume

Keep track of your Vanderbilt experiences in your Co-Curricular Resume! The Co-Curricular Resume is a tool for students to capture their engagement outside the classroom and be customized to a user’s needs. ** Note: This is not an official University transcript. It automatically captures certain involvement data (ex. Organization memberships, leadership positions, attendance at major…

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Update Privacy Settings

Change your privacy settings to show or hide any personal information or group membership within Anchor Link! Anchor Link cares about your privacy. Follow the steps below to update your privacy settings and to make sure you are sharing appropriate information on campus. 1. Click your name on the top tool bar and select the…

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Log Service Hours

Take advantage of ANCHOR LINK’s community service hour tracking tool to capture all the service projects and volunteering you do. HOW TO LOG YOUR SERVICE HOURS: 1. Click “My Involvement” in the top toolbar section 2. Click “Service Hours” in the menu. 3. Select the organization you completed service with and input a description of…

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Check Out My Co-Curricular Programs

Co-Curricular programs are managed through Anchor Link! This includes Dore Rewards, Jewish Studies, and Leadership Hall. This feature enables a user to track their progress in an involvement program that is connected to student learning and development outcomes. The Dore Rewards Program is open to any student to participate in while other Co-Curricular Programs are…

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Check out My Submissions!

The My Submissions section keeps live records of Forms, Elections, Organization Registrations, and Events. First, click on ‘Involvement’ under your name. Then, click on ‘Submissions’. Each of these types of submissions will save as you work on them each time you click the “Next” button at the bottom of the page. You can begin completing…

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Navigate your Homepage

Log in to Anchor Link to view your customized homepage. Check out these tools to get involved on campus! Events Tab Clicking this tab will allow the user to access the complete listing of events they have access to within the system. Organizations Tab Clicking this tab will allow the user to access the complete…

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Hide Organization Memberships

For every organization you are a part of and each leadership position you hold, you have the ability to decide whether you would like your name to be shown on the public roster for the organization. Some users may prefer to keep all of their memberships private. Others may elect to keep only specific memberships…

Posted by on October 7, 2013 in Students,