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Don’t Recreate the Wheel

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Don’t recreate the wheel for your organization. Use Anchor Link to preserve your documents!

Organizations on campus elect new leaders every year. Too often, organizations lose important information or historical records in the turnover process. By utilizing Anchor Link, your organization can seamlessly pass on information from one leadership team to the next. There is no need to worry about losing a password or link to a Dropbox. Anchor Link will keep your documents in one safe place, and keep your organization from wasting time, energy, and resources reinventing the wheel from one year to the next.

The Documents feature of Anchor Links gives you these capabilities:

1. Share Information with Current Members & Leaders

Some information is important for all members to have access to while other files should only be shared with an organization’s leadership. Anchor Link allows you the ability to designate the audience for your documents based on your needs. Items like agendas, meeting minutes, and PowerPoints are essential documents for your members to be able to review and share and can be uploaded for their access. Other documents like budgets, program evaluations, or other internal records that contain sensitive information or should only be viewed by an organization’s leadership can be uploaded but have their access limited only to officers.

Anchor Link allows you to set specific privacy settings on each document you upload.  You can designate access to the public, anyone on campus, only people on the organization roster, and only organization members in specific positions. Items like meeting minutes could be set to members only while budgets could be posted and shared exclusively with the treasurer and executive officers.

Note: Any officer that has “All Access” to documents or “Limited Access” to the organization will be able to view all documents uploaded. You can change these settings under “Roster” and “Manage Positions.”

2. Keep Historical Records for Future Leaders

Posting documents in Anchor Link will help organizations pass on information to future leaders. When a member is assigned an position in Anchor Link, they will automatically receive access to the documents tied to that position. This means that if executive board officers are granted access to specific documents one year, their successors will automatically have access to those important documents the following year making the transition process more seamless.

Maintaining your records in Anchor Link can set up your organization to be more successful and effective in the future. Leaders will look back for information about event plans, meeting agendas, budget data, and so much more. You can save time for future leaders  and help your organization grow and thrive by passing on historical records.

Organizations can use historical records to attract new members to your group. Showing that you have a long history makes your group more attractive.

3. Save Important Files

Even if your organization manages your working documents outside Anchor Link, think carefully about what files need to be saved for the future and make sure at least once a semester or year to upload these to the Documents section.

a. Meeting minutes, agendas, and voting records

Make sure that you keep track of these items that are central to the work and institutional memory of your organization.

b. Annual budgets

Upload detailed records of your spending so that future leaders know how to most effectively allocate their budgets.

c. Important log-ins, passwords, and links

Compile all important log in information into a single document so that officers don’t lose access to accounts or waste time tracking down this info.

d. Event plans & evaluations

Your event chairs may dedicate their entire lives to making sure an event is successful but their detailed spreadsheets, timelines, and PR plans may get lost in the shuffle from year to year. Upload any important event planning information as well as post-event feedback for how the event could be improved to help your organization build upon its work rather than recreating it.

e. Past publications, event flyers, or forms.

a. Think about how much easier it would be if you could just update the dates on your amazing PR rather than having to recreate new fliers every year.

f. Logos and other branding materials

Having easy access to your organization’s logos will be helpful for both current and future members and leaders

g. Contact information for offices, vendors, & community partners

How much time have you wasted trying to track down the right people to talk to this year? Make it simple for future leaders to get in touch with the offices and people that they need by compiling this information in one place.


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