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Log Service Hours

Posted by on Wednesday, October 9, 2013 in Uncategorized.

Take advantage of ANCHOR LINK’s community service hour tracking tool to capture all the service projects and volunteering you do.


1. Click “My Involvement” in the top toolbar section

2. Click “Service Hours” in the menu.

3. Select the organization you completed service with and input a description of the project, the date, the # of hours, and a Verification Contact associated with the project.

  • NOTE: You must be a member of that organization on Anchor Link to assign service hours to it.
  • All off campus service hours done independently of a student organization can be assigned to the Office of Active Citizenship and Service (OACS). Click here to join the OACS Anchor Link group.

All service hours have to be approved by the organization they were completed with through that group’s ANCHOR LINK page. Hours you log will appear pending until they are approved by the organization that you assign them to.

Service hours logged in ANCHOR LINK will also appear on your co-curricular resume which can be found under the My Involvement toolbar section. The service hours you track can be a powerful piece of information that you can use when applying for scholarships, awards, internships, or jobs to demonstrate your commitment to volunteerism.

View your Service Hours Summary at the top of your page or visit your co-curricular resume to edit your list of hours.