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Link your Video in Anchor Link!

Posted by on Wednesday, October 9, 2013 in Uncategorized.

Want to link to videos on your ANCHOR LINK page? Here’s how!

Although ANCHOR LINK does not currently have embedded videos, you can still link to videos through the News Section of your organization’s profile.


1. Copy and paste an image for the video you would like to link to in the description section of your News Article. (The image must be copied from a website to work properly)

2. Copy the URL for the video you want to link to.

3. Highlight the image.

4. Click the Hyperlink button (which looks like two chain links to the right of the text formatting buttons).

5. Paste the URL.

6. Set the Target to be “Open Link in the Same Window” or  “Open Link in a New Window” depending on your preferences.

Voila! You can now share this video with specific members of your organization, your entire organization, all of campus, or the public depending on how you set the Permissions for your article.


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